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11/08/2017: Dumbbell Thrusters and Bodyweight Spice!

#woodwardstrong #strongwomen


Workout #309 of 365 (2017)

11/07/2017: Goblet Squats, Single Arm Kettlebell Swings, and Abs!

When you are Brian Jackson, sometimes Sit Throughs turn into break dancing and posing! #historyteachers

Workout #308 of 365 (2017)

11/06/2017: Bodyweight Movements Only Today!

Coach JoAnna and Coach Kory marching into Monday!

Workout #307 of 365 (2017)

11/05/2017: Getup and Swing!

Dennis looking "on point" in his new Smugs Fitness Baseball tee. Great in the gym and great with a pair of jeans. 

Workout #306 of 365 (2017)

11/04/2017: Run!

Post Tactical Strength Challenge Shenanigans at the Kirkyard Pub last weekend!

Workout #305 of 365 (2017)