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09/27/2017: Bodyweight Wednesday

Coach Joanna...SWING!

Workout #268 of 365

09/26/2017: Kettlebell EMOM!

Woodward Accademy PM Crew looking awesome!

Workout #267 of 365

09/25/2017: Bodyweight Workout!

It's coming...there's still time to sign up for the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge hosted at Smugs Fitness!

Workout #266 of 365

09/24/2017: Getup and Swing!

Smugs Fitness supporter, Luis D. hanging out with Kirky at the Kirkwood Wine Stroll! Nice hat, Luis!

Workout #265 of 365

09/23/2017: Run!

Post workout bliss.

Workout #264 of 365