Strong. Fast. Built to Last.

06/23/2017: Dumbbells and Bodyweight Burner!

Strong.Fast.Built to Last. #strongmom

Workout #174 of 365 (2017)

06/22/2017: Kettlebells and Crawling!

Rebecca looking so strong pushing that heavy sled!

Workout #173 of 365 (2017)

06/21/2017: More Kettlebell Swings and Squats!

Dueling Airdynes...See, Coach Sam loves the Airdyne (as long as he's not riding it!). Way to go, Becky and Raymond!

Workout #172 of 365 (2017)

06/20/2017: Kettlebell Swings, Press, and Squat

Coach Sam approves...everyone needs more Airdyne in their lives.

Workout #171 of 365 (2017)

06/19/2017: Bodyweight Workout Monday!

Nothing but smiles all the time with this crew all dressed in blue...oh, with a dash of maroon! #whereismitch

Workout #170 of 365 (2017)