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10/13/2017: Kettlebellin' on a Friday!

Workout #283 of 365 (2017)

10/12/2017: More Sauce for the Body!

Smugs Fitness is coming to Arches Brewing in Hapeville next Wednesday October 18th for Boot Camp and Brews! Free to sweat with us and all are welcome. Hang out afterward for some brews with fine foilks at Arches! 

Workout #282 of 365 (2017)

10/11/2017: Dumbellin on a Wednesday!

Workout #281 of 365 (2017)

10/10/2017: Kettlebell Workout!

Marvin pulling a heavy sled! #playintheatl

Workout #280 of 365 (2017)

10/09/2017: Bodyweight Columbus Day Throwdown!

Robert pulling heavy objects!

Workout #279 of 365 (2017)