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02/19/2018: Bodyweight Workout for President's Day!

Workout #50 of 365 (2018)

02/18/2018: Getup, Swing, and Squat!

Sunday...the day of post workout Rest...

Workout #49 of 365  (2018)

02/17/2018: Endurance Training!

"This water is so cold and delicious, Ryan! You should hurry up and get done pressing so you can have some!" #couplestherapy

Workout #48 of 365  (2018)

02/16/2018: Dumbbells and Sriracha Sauce!

Pretty sure if she had a third hand, Meggo would be holding up one finger on that third hand to let Coach Sam know how happy she was to be carrying 75% of her bodyweight! Strong women are awesome! 

Workout #47 of 365  (2018)

02/15/2018: Kettlebells for the win!

Coach Kory working with Barrett Park Bombshell, Sam W. on his swing and snatch to prep for the Tactical Strength Challenge.

Workout #46 of 365(2018)