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10/22/2016: Running Intervals! Short and Intense

Workout #290 of 366 (2016)

10/21/2016: It's not a "Burpee", it's a "Squat Thrust"...

Teach them to carry heavy objects while they are young engines and they will become strong, useful adult engines!

Workout #289 of 366 (2016)

10/20/2016: Join the Band of Band Walkers!

The Woodward Academy PM Crew is rocking! Big crowd, lots of energy and tons of hard work even after putting in a long day of work with their students, fellow faculty and staff, and their own families! These fine folks are dedicated and healthy rockstars!

Workout #288 of 366 (2016)

10/19/2016: Hand to Hand Swings, Split Squats, Turkish Getups and More!

Coach Amy, Jane "Grahaminator", and Mesa at last weekend's race!

Workout #287 of 366 (2016)

10/18/2016: Kettlebell Swings, Goblet Squats, Lungesteps, Crawl!

Pinch carries are awesome for building grip strength! The ladies weren't too happy about having to do them in their workout though!