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04/30/2017: Final Day of the AB-ril Challenge!

Kettlebells are cool!

Workout #120 of 365 (2017)

04/29/2017: Quarter-mile Running Repeats!

Couples Therapy Conditioning with Ryan and Jessie!

Workout #119 of 365 (2017)

04/28/2017: Dumbbells and Skipping today!

Urban Sledding is fun for all! Check out these awesome ladies, Judy and Leslie after their first time taking the sled for a spin! The force is strong with these two!

Workout #118 of 365 (2017)

04/27/2017: Kettlebell Swings and lots of bodyweight work!

Workout #117 of 365 (2017)

04/26/2017: Happy Birthday, Billy Shakes!

Workout #116 of 365 (2017)