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08/18/2018: Saturday Running Workout!

Aly shows us how to get those V-bar rows in before kicking off her weekend!

Workout #228 of 365 (2018)


Warmup:   Run or Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching

08/17/2018: Smugs Kettlebell 4-Week Kettlebell Plan- Part 2, Day 7


Sometimes you need to take those bells for a walk outside!  Looking strong, Sam!

Workout #227 of 365 (2018)

08/16/2018: Thursday Workout!

This crew was all smiles after their burpee and thruster finisher!

08/15/2018: Smugs Fitness 4-Week Kettlebell Plan- Part 2, Day 6


Morning sled pushes and heavy carries are the best way to start the day!

Workout #225 of 365 (2018)

08/14/1018: Tuesday Workout!

Couples that train together

Workout #224 of 365 (2018)